Yogi Bear Reboot Show Jellystone Gets New Poster Packed With Cartoon Favorites

Season 1 of the new HBO Max Yogi series premieres on July 29.


The new poster from the upcoming Yogi Bear series Jellystone! has been released. The series is a modern reimagining of the classic Hanna-Barbera animation, and it premieres on HBO Max on July 29.

The poster is a chaotic and colorful image packed with familiar characters. As well as Yogi and his pals Boo Boo and Cindy, there's a host of other Hanna-Barbera favorites. These include Snagglepuss, Doggie Daddy, Jabberjaw, the Pink Panther, and Quick Draw McGraw. Check it out below:

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Other Hanna-Barbera characters set to return to the screen in Jellystone! include Auggie Doggie, Captain Caveman, Jonny Quest, Touché Turtle, Top Cat, and Huckleberry Hound. The showrunner on the series is C.H. Greenblatt, who also created the Nickelodeon show Harvey Beaks as well as Chowder for Cartoon Network. Check out the Jellystone! trailer, which was released in June.

HBO Max has also released a synopsis for the series. It reads, "Welcome to Jellystone, a quaint little community chock-full of colorful characters. It would be a peaceful place, if it weren't for the hilarious personalities constantly getting themselves, and the town, into trouble! Yogi Bear, Cindy Bear, and Boo Boo are surgeons at Jellystone Hospital, Jabberjaw is hungry for a promotion at Magilla Gorilla's swanky clothing shop, El Kabong fights crime, and Doggie Daddy takes helicopter parenting of Augie Doggie to new heights. With Huckleberry Hound as mayor and Top Cat running the streets, there's never a dull moment in this madcap little town!"

Jellystone! is set to feature at this year's virtual Comic-Con@Home. The panel takes place on Saturday, July 24 at 1:00 PM PT.

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