Yoga Impressions

We watch an onscreen avatar perform yoga poses in this upcoming exercise game.



The Wii has become the preeminent system for people who dabble in self-improvement. From Wii Fit to EA Active, if you have a tummy that needs shrinking or a muscle that needs to be enlarged, those are your go-to games. But what if you are worried about your blood pressure or want to be as flexible as a 14-year-old gymnast? Yoga is the answer. In this as-yet-untitled yoga game (Yoga is the working name), you are guided through a peaceful world in which breathing and stretching open the door to a healthier life are key.

We didn't get a chance to actually try out Yoga today, but we did get a walk-through video to give us a taste of our flexible future. This game focuses on both the various poses as well as the history that goes along with them, so you can brush up on your Buddhist history while improving your body. The game takes place in a Buddhist temple, and each floor contains a number of different exercises. There are 49 different poses to learn, so this should serve as both an easy introduction as well as a more advanced workout depending on your yoga acumen.

The game uses both the balance board and the remote to make sure you're doing your poses properly. Some poses require you to sit on the board, distributing your weight in the optimal manner. Other poses require movement, and the remote will make sure you are moving in the right way. There is a disc on the bottom of the screen that intermittently pulses, making sure you breathe at the appropriate time.

Yoga is shaping up to be an interactive workout video, ensuring that you do the poses properly without hiring an outside instructor to check your form. It's currently scheduled for release this fall, so check back later to see what the final title ends up being and if it deserves a place in your home alongside EA Active.

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