Yie Ar Kung Fu chopping US 360s?

ESRB site indicates previously Japan-only arcade games are headed across the Pacific; Aegis Wing also revealed.


Last fall, Microsoft tried to woo more Japanese gamers to try the Xbox 360 at the Tokyo Game Show. As part of its effort, the company showed off a number of games that would be released on the Japanese version of Xbox Live arcade.

It's doubtful anyone under 10 would remember a game from the '80s.
It's doubtful anyone under 10 would remember a game from the '80s.

While most of the selections were eventually scheduled for a US release, several were not. Other than Rush'n Attack, one of the more notable games without an American ship date was Yie Ar Kung Fu, Konami's classic mid-1980s arcade fighting game.

Luckily, it now appears that Yie Ar Kung Fu will flex its muscles on both sides of the Pacific. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board Web site (pictured) now lists the game as being slated for a US release with an E10+ for Everyone 10 and Up rating. The site does not list release dates or pricing information, and Konami reps had not commented on the listing as of press time.

The ESRB site also revealed a previously unknown 360 title called Aegis Wing. Other than an E rating for "Mild Fantasy Violence," nothing is known about the game. Microsoft Game Studios reps didn't help clarify the situation, declining to comment on either ESRB listing.

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