Yes, This Is Crysis Remastered Running On A Nintendo Switch

The first gameplay trailer for the port shows off some impressive visual features for the handheld console.


Crysis Remastered was delayed earlier this month for most of its release platforms, just moments ahead of its first gameplay reveal. Although there's still no word on when to expect them, Saber Interactive is still launching the port on the Nintendo Switch this month. If you ever doubted Crysis could run on a portable platform, the first gameplay trailer will quickly convince you otherwise.

A new tech-focused trailer shows the graphically demanding 2007 shooter running on the Nintendo Switch, at a native 720p resolution and capped at 30fps. The gameplay looks smooth, with a lot of action on display showcasing some of the port's enhancements. You can check it out below.

Given the Switch's hardware limitations, it would've been safe to assume that some of Crysis Remastered's more demanding features would be left out. And that might still be the case, but the inclusion of dynamic lighting and a voxel-based global illumination effect do a lot to enhance the lush tropical scenes of its setting.

Also, there are sharks. In case you want to super punch one, or something.

Crysis Remastered's release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC has not been rescheduled, and developer Saber Interactive has not indicated when it intends to show it off for the first time after the poor reception its leaked trailer received. Crysis Remastered will be $30 when it launches on Nintendo Switch on July 23.

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