Yes, KFC's Game Console Is Real, And It Has A Chicken Warmer

The KFConsole uses the console's own heat to keep your fried chicken crispy and ready to eat. But why?


KFC has become something of a meme factory over the last few years, with different celebrities playing Colonel Sanders in commercials and Mario Lopez even starring as the long-dead founder in a short romance film for Lifetime. We saw teases on the KFC Gaming Twitter account of a KFC-branded game console for months, and we assumed it was all a joke. Well, it wasn't. The KFConsole is real, and it keeps your chicken warm.

Intel's Mark Walton clarified that the console is legitimate on Twitter, saying it's powered by Intel. Other game consoles are generally powered by AMD processors.

The Cooler Master page provides more information on the system, saying it's capable of 4K resolution and 240fps gameplay. We can't imagine that's for graphically demanding games, but it's impressive nonetheless. Cooler Master primarily focuses on custom PC builds, but this is pretty different from anything else the company has done.

The KFConsole makes use of a Cooler Master NC100 chassis and a Core i9 Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Computer Element. It also includes a swappable GPU slot so you can upgrade it as you see fit, and even a PCIe NVMe SSD and two Seagate Barracuda 1TB SSDs.

The kicker with the system is its chicken-warming compartment, which makes use of the console's own heat to keep KFC warm while you game. We truly live in the future. We are not sure how the Colonel would feel about this, however.

You can even use VR headsets with the KFConsole so you can be even more immersed in a world of crispy fried chicken. We don't have a price yet on the system, but it doesn't sound like it will be cheap.

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