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Yep, Overwatch's New Character Is Close to Being Unveiled

There's not much longer to wait for details on Overwatch's first post-launch character addition.


Following a recent tease, it's now all but official that Blizzard plans to reveal a new Overwatch character soon.

San Diego Comic-Con takes place later this month, and its schedule was recently updated to offer some details on a panel Blizzard will be hosting on July 21. It's entitled "Behind the Scenes of Overwatch's Newest Hero." You can probably piece together what it's about.

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"Blizzard developers James Waugh (director of story & creative development), Michael Chu (senior designer, Overwatch), and Arnold Tsang (assistant art director, Overwatch) present a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process of developing the art, design, and story for Overwatch's newest hero," the description reads. "Q&A session moderated by Kim Phan (senior manager, esports)."

No specifics about the new character are shared. Given that it's a Q&A session, it would stand to reason that the newcomer would have to be revealed by no later than the day of the panel.

It's possible we may not have to wait that long, but so far Blizzard hasn't been forthcoming about its plans for the unveiling. So far, all we really have is an image the company shared that seems to suggest the character will be a sort of sniper/healer hybrid, as had been previously rumored.

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