YeonSik 'TheSTC' Choi retires after being unable to qualify for WCS NA

One of the most established players from SC2's early days has decided to leave progaming behind him.


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After spending close to four years as a progamer, Choi has seemingly reached a point where he isn't able to sustain himself and continue performing on a consistent level, which has led to him officially retiring from SC2.

Olimoley of Team Axiom conducted an interview with theSTC regarding his decision to retire.

Admittedly your recent results have not been noteworthy. Do you think you can no longer achieve good results, or that it’s just a slump period and you can make a comeback?

I think I can still do really well. I’m still passionate about the game. However, my family has always wanted me to retire. I think my parents worry about me more than I worry about them. I felt so sorry. Once I realized that I realized I should stop pro gaming. I shouldn't be stubborn anymore since I’m growing older.


Actually it's so hard to find a new team right now. Even though the player has good results and good skills, if the player doesn’t have any special qualities, the player will struggle and struggle hard to find a new team. Even if the SC2 scene was bigger, a player who doesn’t have something marketable cannot find a new team easily. SC2 scene isn’t as big as it was, so thats why the player’s marketability is not enough for salary. Now team’s think player’s requested salary is too much because they’re not helpful as a marketing tool.

theSTC was in the initial days of Wings of Liberty hearalded as one of the biggest talents the game had produced, with several impressive results in a number of online tournaments against consistent GSL competitors. His stay in the military however, made him unable to attend any of the early open GSL seasons. Whilst he did manage to reach the Ro16 of GSL S2 2012, he was never able to replicate the consistency he had enjoyed during his prime.

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