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Yarntown Makes Bloodborne A 16-Bit PC Game

Yarntown takes From Software's acclaimed PS4 game Bloodborne and turns it into a top-down action game akin to The Legend of Zelda.


Bloodborne is one of the best games on PlayStation 4 and hopeful PC players have been asking for a port for almost as long as the game has been available. That has never happened, but an impressive "demake" has turned it into a SNES-style action-RPG, and the transformation is gorgeous. The free game even gives you a chance to fight some of its iconic bosses.

Available as a free download now, Yarntown takes Bloodborne's iconic Central Yharnam area and turns it into a 16-bit top-down game. It's much more than just the basic visual style of Bloodborne that gets converted, however, as you still have a stamina bar and can make use of the pistol, light and heavy attacks, and a dodge roll. The game also contains the Hunter's Dream hub area, as well as lanterns to travel back to it from the other locations.

The basic enemies certainly evoke that feeling of dread and tension in the 2015 original, but it's the boss fights that really show how impressive Yarntown is. Father Gascoigne is still a huge pain, with several melee attacks as well as his blunderbuss shot to knock you away if you get directly in front of him. He isn't as aggressive, however, so you might have more of a shot of defeating him than you did in From Software's version.

Developer Max Mraz is no stranger to Zelda-like games. He is also developing the game Ocean's Heart, which follows a girl on a mission to locate her father on a mysterious archipelago.

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