Yakuza: Like A Dragon Trailer Shows Off Next-Gen Advanced Crustacean AI

If this new Yakuza trailer doesn't sell you on next-gen gaming, nothing will.


Yakuza: Like A Dragon marks a milestone for Sega's long-running sandbox RPG, as this will be the first entry in the main series that arrives on next-gen consoles as a launch game. (Spin-off Yakuza: Ishin was a PS4 launch game in Japan.)

Featuring a variety of graphical enhancements on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the latest Yakuza game starring new protagonist Kasuga Ichiban also has a few other next-gen features that sets it apart from other next-gen launch games.

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All of these can be seen in the trailer above, which features advanced crustacean AI, optimized protagonist optimism, and a slightly disturbing glimpse into the game's immersive role-playing.

In addition to the features above, Yakuza: Like A Dragon also has three options for enhancement on the Xbox Series X.

High resolution mode provides a true 4K experience at 30 FPS, High frame-rate mode lowers the graphical quality significantly for a stable 60 FPS experience, and Normal mode bumps the visuals back up while allowing for a 60 FPS experience as well.

"Even with just a small slice of the game in this Xbox Series X demo, Yakuza: Like A Dragon shows us why the franchise has won the hearts of so many and continues to stand out among its peers," editor Michael Higham said in his Yakuza preview. "I'm convinced that the move to a turn-based RPG can pay off, and I'm already invested in our new protagonist Kasuga Ichiban and his friends, because Like A Dragon pulls these things off in ways only Yakuza can."

The latest Yakuza game will launch alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S on November 10, so check out our preorder guide for all the details on those consoles and the games that will be available on them from day one. Yakuza: Like A Dragon will also be on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the same day, and will arrive on PS5 early next year.

If you feel like celebrating the impending launch of the Yakuza sequel, you can splurge on a $282 USD bowl of ramen that Sega's Australian distribution partner Five Star Games created to promote the game. A Streets of Kamurocho game was also briefly available on PC via Steam and featured a combination of Yakuza's action with a Streets of Rage 2 twist.

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