Yakuza hitting US this summer

Confirming rumors, Sega announces it will bring Ryu ga Gotoku to North American and European PlayStation 2s later this year.


Earlier this year, Sega applied for a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a game called "Yakuza." For those following the Japanese game trade, the obvious implication of the filing was that the publisher was bringing Ryu ga Gotoku, its crime-action game for the PlayStation 2, to the US. Despite the evidence, though, Sega of America reps declined to comment at the time.

Those same reps sang a different tune this morning, announcing that, yes, Ryu ga Gotoku would be released in North America under the title Yakuza this summer.

"Yakuza...delves into one of the most mysterious and iconic aspects of Japanese culture," said Sega of America vice president Scott Steinberg. "Players will have the opportunity to take on the world's most notorious and sophisticated underground organizations as they embark on a series of dangerous missions set in the gritty and seedy underbelly of Tokyo."

As outlined in GameSpot's import hands-on, Yakuza follows Kiryu Kazuma, a laconic thug who returns to a life of crime after a long absence. The game lets him roam through the colorful streets of Japan's biggest neon-bathed megalopolis, Grand Theft Auto-style, as he collects debts and defends his turf. The game's combat is exclusively hand-to-hand, with players making use of everyday objects as garbage cans, signs, baseball bats, and microphone stands in a series of brutal brawls.

Yakuza has not yet been rated, though its graphic combat--which literally lets players knock out opponents' teeth--will likely earn it an M for Mature label. No price has been announced for the PS2-exclusive title.

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HAVE YOU PLAYED THE DEMO?!?! It rules, the combat is great, and the story seems VERY interesting. This is gonna be the next big thing. But for the North American release they should leave the japanese voices and just put subtitiles though (that sucks), but still i cant wait to they realease it!

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Awesome, can't wait for this one.

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Thank you SEGA!

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Played it here in Japan... very good game that I recommend to western people that liked the very good Shenmue and those that GTA crap.. It's like giving GTA a boost in narrative and general alaesthetics.

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I know quite a few people that will enjoy this game, if it doesnt have crappy gameplay.

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Glad it's coming to the US. Let's hope they give us the option to choose japanese dialog with subtitles.

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It's GTA Meets Shenmue! Looking forward to this one :D

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~~~~molivers7 Will this be like a Japanese GTA? Wait, the Japanese have too much class for that. ~~~~ Oh please, you're talking about a society that has porn vending machines.

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This game looks interesting. I wonder if Sega will tweak the game so it can "change" some things from the Japanese version to the American version

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on a recent visit to japan this holiday season, i had a chance to play this game. THIS GAME KICKS ASS. the combat is fun and addicting and the graphics are great for PS2. i cant say much for the story since i cant read japanese, but the audio quality was good too. its similar to shenmue, but its a different style. there i MUCH more combat than in shenmue and you can actually use whatever weapons are lying around. I was hoping we would get this in the states, im glad SEGA is bringing it to us.

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Will this be like a Japanese GTA? Wait, the Japanese have too much class for that.

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I remember hearing about this game a while back. It could potentially be entertaining and/or good or it could be another "Rise to Honor".

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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well, this seem to be a very good game...

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finally a gta style game i can enjoy. I cant stand the american gang scene but a crime game set in japan is where its at.

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Absolutely Fantastic. Good work Sega.

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hooray!! finally a US release of this "japanese GTA". i hope the game play as fun as GTA.

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that game is ugly. I dont see nothing special in the movie! he was punching the wall and the enemy was behing him!! that sucks fix these bugs before show that crap video

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I was looking forward to that game coming out in the U.S!

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Yup it does remind of Shenmue. What ever happend to the 3rd game. I really liked that game.

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Can you guys say Shenmu?

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Yes, it's about time. I haven't played it, but read plenty of good things about the game.

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i can put my import copy to rest now.

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BOOO PS2 exclusive... oh wait, I still have my PS2 somewhere. *searches room a bit* Nope, its not mine anymore, a group of lawn gnomes has adversely possessed it from me since I haven't used it in 3 years.

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I've been reading a lot about this game. It certainly sounds and looks interesting. I'm willing to get it depending on reviews.

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nice I hope it will be a fun game.The Video looks like it has a lot of Promise. I hope it plays like that it looks like it will have a nice feel to it.