Yakuza 6: First Trailer for PS4 Exclusive Goes Live

Two-minute video shows Kazuma Kiryu's ongoing fight against Japan's mafia underworld.


Sega has aired a reveal trailer for its next Yakuza game, showcasing the series' longstanding protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

The two-minute Yakuza 6 trailer focuses on Kiryu in combat with a mob boss, and moves on to show the character navigating Tokyo's rooftops.

The Yakuza series spans five main games and various spin offs. It tells the story of Kiryu's release from prison and subsequent journey in search of a childhood friend. Over the course of the series, however, he rises through the ranks of the Yakuza, coming into conflict with rival factions of the crime family.

At the Tokyo Game Show in September, Sony announced Yakuza 6 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Publisher Sega is also working on a Yakuza remake.

Yakuza 5, which initially shipped in Japan in 2012, finally made its release across the west last week on PlayStation 3.

GameSpot's Yakuza 5 review was generally positive. Critic Miguel Concepcion said "even if its melee combat lacks the sophistication of modern action games, Yakuza 5 makes up for its modest shortcomings with enthralling diversions and eye-popping settings that compel one to look at travel deals to Japan. Come for the stories, but stick around for Yakuza 5's world; it's unconventional in the best way possible."

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