Yakuza 0's Business Edition Revealed, PC Version Not in the Works

Protect your business cards in style.


New details about Yakuza 0 have been revealed, including the specifics of a special day one edition that will be available and a potential PC version (which you shouldn't get your hopes up for).

With Yakuza 0 being a prequel story that documents the rise of Kazuma Kiryu to prominent businessman, the day one edition has been dubbed the Business Edition. This will be available to everyone who preorders, as well as anyone who is able to get their hands on a first-run copy of the game.

This comes with a standard copy of the game and a stainless steel business card holder. Either side of it features a different design: one has Kazuma's dragon tattoo, and other has the demon tattoo of Goro Majima (also a playable character in Yakuza 0). The Business Edition also includes three business cards: one each for Kazuma and Goro, and another for the hostesses at the Sunshine cabaret club.

Sega also today released a new trailer for Yakuza 0, which you can watch above, and addressed speculation surrounding a PC version.

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Yakuza 0 launched in Japan last year on both PS3 and PS4 but is only coming to the latter when it releases around the world on January 24, 2017. Some fans have noticed that its box art describes it as a console exclusive, which would seemingly suggest that it may also come to PC. Unfortunately, that isn't the case, at least right now.

Accompanying today's announcement was a statement denying a PC port is on the way. In it, Sega said, "All that is confirmed and all that players should expect is a PlayStation 4 release. There is no PC version in production."

Finally, over on the PlayStation Blog, Sega announced that you can preorder Yakuza 0 on the PlayStation Store starting today. Doing so nets you a static theme for PS4 featuring Kazuma and Goro, which you can see below.

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