Yahoo Uses Destiny Screenshot in Article About Saturn

Yahoo seems to have mistaken a Destiny screenshot for the real planet.


Everyone makes mistakes. The Hotel Figueroa accidentally used a screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V to illustrate its downtown LA location, and now a similar case has propped itself up. In an article about Saturn, Yahoo used a picture of the gas giant from Bungie's first-person shooter Destiny.

Spotted by Eurogamer, the article in question is about Saturn's largest moon, Titan. It discusses how it may be suited for life, just not human life. You can take a look at a screenshot of the article below.

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In Destiny, the closest you get to the giant, gaseous planet is the Dreadnaught. There's life on the gargantuan spaceship, but you have to put an end to it. The Dreadnaught is where you have your final encounter with Oryx, the main baddie from The Taken King expansion. You can see both it and a player's ship clearly in the screenshot above.

In related news, Destiny's next expansion, Rise of Iron, is set to release this September. It includes a new raid, new and updated strikes, and new areas. Players will be able to revisit the starting area, The Wall, in an updated area when the expansion launches.

Additionally, Destiny Year Two's Moments of Triumph are available now. You can complete certain tasks to be rewarded with items like emblems and shaders. Some of these tasks include completing an Exotic sword quest and killing Oryx in King's Fall on Hard.

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