Y-Project developer closes doors

Westka closes down for lack of funding, despite publisher interest in its upcoming action-adventure game, the Y-Project.


The Y-Project
Race Tracks Unlimited

Today, October 1, is Westka Interactive's last day in business. The German developer was forced into closing when it couldn't find additional funding for its principal game project, the Y-Project, although according to a note on the official Y-Project Web site, Westka had found a publisher for the game and had signed a letter of intent, an early step to a publishing deal.

Yesterday, the studio laid off its 44 employees, and both the Y-Project and Race Tracks Unlimited , a new game announced at ECTS, are effectively canceled.

The Y-Project was scheduled for next year. For more details on the Y-Project, check out our Race Tracks Unlimited of the game.

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