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Playlogic releases new information on its upcoming Xbox shooter. New screens inside.



Playlogic has today released new gameplay information on Xyanide for the Xbox. The game, which is currently in development at Playlogic's own Game Factory studio, is described as a third-person arcade shooter, and it will see players assuming the role of a starfighter pilot named Drake charged with pursuing a dangerous witch named Aguira.

Xyanide will feature both arcade and story modes of play, and in addition to the single-player game, it will also feature multiplayer support in both gameplay modes. The game will also feature Xbox Live support for comparing high scores with other players from around the world, keeping track of players on a friends list, and downloading additional content.

Playlogic claims that Xyanide should take players at least 50 hours to complete, and the game's most intriguing feature is perhaps also one that will increase its replay value significantly. At 27 key moments in the game, players will have a chance to collect "mutators" that alter the abilities of their craft permanently. Depending on the moment that players collect the mutator pick-ups, their craft will progress down a mechanical or an organic mutation path, and by the end of the game, players will find themselves in control of a mechanical, organic, or hybrid craft depending on the decisions they've made throughout the game. In addition to the mutators, Xyanide will feature 10 different power-ups and around 12 special collectables, although specific details on these have not been released at this time.

No release date for Xyanide has been announced at this time. For more information on Xyanide, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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