XSN Sports World Championship announced

Microsoft is now accepting registrations for its upcoming $25,000 XSN Sports World Championship.


Microsoft has today announced that it is accepting registrations for its XSN Sports World Championship. The competition boasts a $25,000 grand prize and will be open to the winners of six tournaments for the games NFL Fever 2004, NBA Inside Drive 2004, NHL Rivals 2004, Top Spin, Links 2004, and Amped 2. Anyone interested in entering one of the six feeder tournaments to win $1,000 and a trip to Los Angeles for the World Championship finals should register at the XSN Sports Web site.

"The XSN Sports Championship is proof that online sports gaming has arrived and that Xbox continues to lead the way in innovation," said Ed Fries, corporate vice president of game content at Microsoft. "Since launching the XSN Sports line of video games and bringing XSNsports.com to life, we've seen an explosion in the number of gamers who are creating customized leagues and tournaments among their friends. The XSN Sports Championship is a celebration of this competitive sports fan and provides the perfect forum for the best of the best to go head-to-head and earn ultimate bragging rights."

The top 256 XSNsports.com gamers in each sport will qualify for the feeder tournaments, and the eventual winners will then have to show their skills in all six disciplines at the finals. The feeder tournaments are scheduled to take place between December 29 and January 27, while the Los Angeles finals will be held on February 11 and 12.

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