Xpand Rally slides to September

Techland announces that its upcoming rally title for the PC won't be available before September. New screens inside.


Xpand Rally

Techland has today announced that Xpand Rally, which was originally scheduled for release during the second quarter of this year, is now expected to arrive in stores in September. The main reason for the delay is that Techland wants more time to implement suggestions from its beta testers.

"After the first phase of beta tests we received large quantities of very useful and attractive suggestions concerning different aspects of the game," said Pawel Marchewka, the game's producer. "Taking most of them into consideration would be impossible with the previous release date. That's why we decided to push the date later. I am sure that the additional elements of the game will compensate the players for the longer waiting time."

Specific release dates for Xpand Rally in different territories are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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