XMG adds two new players to its StarCraft 2 roster

XMG announced the addition of Socke and Libow to their StarCraft 2 squad earlier today.


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In an announcement made on TeamLiquid.net this morning, XMG revealed that they would be adding German Protoss Giacomo 'Socke' Thüs and French Protoss David 'Lilbow' Moschetto to their 2014 lineup.

Thüs penned on his Facebook fan page, "Just signed with XMG. The sunglasses suit me. As I am not really the clanhopping kind of guy, joining a new team has not been a thing i took lightly. But since I did already know some of the players and staff rather well in person I can say with confidence that we're going to have an awesome time."

Thüs most recently played for ALTERNATE aTTaX while Moschetto had previously flown under the Nuit Blanche banner.

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