XIII soundtrack details

San Francisco-based Future Primitive Sound recorded exclusive tracks for the upcoming cel-shaded shooter.


Ubi Soft has announced that it has partnered with San Francisco-based label Future Primitive Sound to produce original music for XIII. Samples of the soundtrack are now available on the XIII Web site. The 13-track soundtrack features a blend of funk beats and progressive hip-hop from the label's artists, including Z-Trip, Romanowski, DJs Faust and Shortee, J-Boogie, Jack Dangers, DJ Zeph, and Bing Ji Ling.

"We wanted to capture the essence of XIII in this soundtrack by showcasing its nostalgic style while giving the beats a modern twist," said Mark Herlihy, founder of Future Primitive Sound. "Our intention was to tell its story through the music and create a seamless head-nodding mix that would complement the energy of XIII and get gamers hyped."

XIII is schedule to launch for the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC sometime this fall.

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