XIII ships for PlayStation 2 and PC

Ubisoft's graphics-novel-inspired shooter heads off to retail. Xbox and GameCube editions due soon.


Gamers torn between their comic books and video games will soon find middle ground, now that XIII has shipped. The PlayStation 2 and PC editions of the Ubisoft game, inspired by Belgian writer/artist Jean Van Hamme's graphic novels, will begin arriving in retail stores in the next few days. The Xbox and GameCube versions of XII are slated to ship on November 24.

Besides sporting the same cel-shaded graphics as Van Hamme's comic, XIII also has the same paranoid plot line: a man wakes up one morning with no memory--and his face plastered on the front page of every newspaper. Accused of killing the president, he must fight off mysterious assassins and unravel the conspiracy behind the assassination. For more on XIII, check out GameSpot's complete preview.

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