Xfire forms debate club

Gaming utility company wants to spark intelligent discussion among its user base with scheduled online chats.


World of Warcraft

Xfire's gaming utilities have been helping contentious gamers get into multiplayer fragfests for years, but now the company wants to bring more than a heated firefight to its users; it wants to get them involved in a heated debate.

Xfire today announced the beginning of the Xfire Debate Club, a monthly online chat meant to serve as "a forum for intelligent discussion on today's most pressing gaming questions." Each chat will feature industry pundits and professionals discussing a set topic in a forum where Xfire users can debate each other or pose questions to the panel.

The first hour-long installment of the Xfire Debate Club will take place January 31 at 4 p.m. PT. The topic of conversation will be World of Warcraft's first expansion, The Burning Crusade, and issues discussed will include which of the game's two factions is stronger, how to reach level 70 in a hurry, and what players should consider when making a new character. For more on the Xfire Debate Club and how to participate in it, check out the official Web site.

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