Xenosaga update

New information on and screenshots from Namco's Xenosaga Episode 1.


Namco has released details on two new characters from Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille zur Macht, its upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG. The first new character is Jr., who is somewhat of a prodigy and is a pilot in the Galactic Federation. Further information on Jr. is vague at this time, but it is known that he is into collecting antique weapons and artifacts. The second character is Momo, who is a prototype android character with highly advanced perceptive abilities. She was shown briefly during the July 8 unveiling of the game in one of the battle sequences. Her model is based on a young girl, and her skills are valuable in detecting Gnosis activity.

Xenosaga will include an epic story written by Satoru Takahashi of Monolith Software. In fact, to further accentuate this storyline, the game will include over six hours of fully voiced cutscenes. Approximate 70 percent complete at this time, the game will be released in December for the PlayStation 2.

The screenshots shown are courtesy of GameWatch.

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