Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos bound for the DS

Nintendo adds six titles to the list of upcoming games for its new handheld.


TOKYO--Gamers eagerly awaiting tomorrow's Japanese DS launch received good news today: Nintendo has updated the DS game lineup, adding six new titles. Of particular note are two major RPG titles published by Namco, Xenosaga DS and Baten Kaitos DS.

The games in the ongoing Xenosaga trilogy on the PlayStation 2 are sci-fi RPGs, while Baten Kaitos is a fantasy-style RPG for the GameCube that features a unique card-battle system. Unfortunately, Nintendo released no additional information about the upcoming DS versions.

Rounding out the list of DS titles announced are three budget titles from publisher D3: Simple DS: Mahjong, Simple DS: Billiards, and Simple DS: Mushi-tori (insect capturing). In addition, Agatsuma Entertainment, the company behind the upcoming TV tuner for the DS, is making a currently untitled action game for the DS.

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