Xenoblade Dev Hiring For New Legend Of Zelda Game

Wake up, Link.

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Now Playing: Monolith Soft Is Hiring For A New Legend of Zelda Game - GS News Update

Monolith Soft, the developer of the Xenoblade Chronicles series, is working on a new Legend of Zelda title. The studio's website is putting the call out for developers to join the project, and recruiting for programmers, designers, and artists, among other roles. It does not specify precisely what Zelda game these positions would be working on.

Although Monolith Soft is known primarily for its work on the Xenoblade Chronicles titles, it's no stranger to Zelda. The studio previously co-developed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and, more recently, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where it no doubt leveraged its expertise in creating vast open-worlds that players can explore.

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It's unclear what this new game is at this stage or whether it will fit the open-world mould established by Breath of the Wild. However, Monolith Soft's involvement with the project does certainly suggest it could be another grand adventure in the same vein as the Switch launch title. Whatever the case, this isn't necessarily a game being spearheaded entirely by Monolith Soft; it might simply be bulking up its teams that support Nintendo's internal studios responsible for the Zelda series.

Nintendo has a number of other Zelda projects in the pipeline. Excitingly, one of those is a remake of the Game Boy classic The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which is being "reborn as a new experience" for Switch and is expected to launch in 2019. Nintendo has also announced Cadence of Hyrule, a crossover between its Legend of Zelda series and Brace Yourself Games' Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Of course, if you're really in the mood for Zelda, there's probably still plenty left for your to do in the vast world of Breath of the Wild. In GameSpot's review, Peter Brown awarded the game a 10, saying it is "the most impressive game Nintendo has ever created."

He added: "No matter how gorgeous its environments are, how clever its enemies are, and how tricky its puzzles get, the fact that Breath of the Wild continues to surprise you with newfound rules and possibilities after dozens of hours is by far its most valuable quality. It's a game that allows you to feel gradually more and more empowered yet simultaneously manages to retain a sense of challenge and mystery--which, together, creates a steady, consistent feeling of gratification throughout the entire experience. Breath of the Wild is a defining moment for The Legend of Zelda series."

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Avatar image for palienb

No! Not another Legend of Zelda! :(

Avatar image for khfreak9

Well, they did help develop BOTW and did a great job. So I’m not surprised that Nintendo is letting them take a full stab at it. I can’t wait to see what they do.

Avatar image for xela8

If it has anything to do with Skyward Sword, I'm going to be ticked.

Avatar image for naomha1

Here's hoping they don't make it as mundane and grindy as Xenoblade 2.

Avatar image for atopp399

Skyward Sword retooled for the switch?

Avatar image for epic_g_ame08

Like the huge world of Botw

But this time please with dungeons like ever before / Big / Key / Kompass/ Puzzle / nice items that helps to proceed further in the game in every dungeon/ variation in terms of last enemies in the the end of the dungeons.

And pleaso no more generic giants und just only 4 or 5 again, sorry that not enough !

Remember that Zelda ( a Link to the past or Ocarina of Time ) where you have three palaces done and the adventure begins. In Botw you did three titans it was like now it starts but then the end whuaaat

I loved it but dont get me wrong where is Zelda we used to know ?

Avatar image for kabloe

@epic_g_ame08: same thought here

Avatar image for Ohaidere

Xenoblade 2 was better than BotW.

I haven't seen a game so overstated as "revolutionary" as since Witcher 3.

They're not bad games. Heck, they probably even could be called great, but revolutionary they were not.

Avatar image for naomha1

@Ohaidere: Wha? The Witcher 3 created a new whole new level of immersive RPG. Yes, revolutionary would be the word I'd use for that game. Xenoblade 2 was, well, meh to be honest. While enjoyable for awhile it got so ridiculously grindy it wasn't even funny. Personally, I enjoyed Chronicles X waaaay more than 1 or 2. While the grind got to you every once in awhile it wasn't so bad as 2 is.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@naomha1: Don't get me wrong, I like Witcher, but I keep hearing that, and I just don't see where its immersion brings more to the table. It's not anywhere near the leap that Bioware games were, or even Witcher 1 was relative to the time it came out, or as significant to open world games as something like ES.

It may do it the best, but I just don't see it as revolutionary.

Avatar image for seniormeatbox

Why do articles like these pop up whenever they start hiring? They're not going to hire anyone from the West.

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

@seniormeatbox: Unless they were fluent in Japanese had crazy skills and could travel and live in Japan that is...

Avatar image for LesserAngel

I just hope this doesn't result in Monolith getting bogged down in working on future LoZ projects without the time and/or ability to work on their own ideas.

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

@LesserAngel: No.... because Monolith isnt a single studio anymore. They have multiple studios working on different projects. The next Xenoblade is being worked on so is the mystery game they teased. All this and Legend of Zelda.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@IanNottinghamX: Fair enough.

Avatar image for elviejomanti

We are getting oracle of ages remastered, oracles of seasons remastered and the final oracle, Farore.

Avatar image for nintendians

the legend of zelda: skyward sword vr, use it with the nintendo labo vr or a new vr headset that could output 1080p with a custom dock built with a ultra slim (oled) screen with head straps, since skyward sword already have motion base controls.

also make my version of that vr compatible with other nintendo labo vr kits (which is just a attachment to the labo vr).

1080p 3d vr: 960x540 per eye owns 720p 3d vr: 640x360 per eye

Avatar image for toffifee

Skyward sword sucked asphalt. It should never be mentioned again.

Avatar image for xela8

@toffifee: Worst game ever and should die in hell.

Avatar image for nintendians

@toffifee: i think was decent but better story than how "twilight princess" went.

Avatar image for freedom01

very interested to see what Monolith have up in their sleeves

Avatar image for cayde

They should try for once to release Zelda on pc!

Avatar image for arainthus

@cayde: Legend of Zelda is one on Nintendo's biggest drawing titles, I doubt they would end it's exculsivity so easily.

Avatar image for powdered_sugar

I'm hoping this is more Majora's Mask than Twilight Princess. What I mean is, I hope they're not rebuilding hte game from the ground up again. BotW is, to me, the pinnacle of the Zelda franchise thus far. The only things I would change are to tone down the weapon degradation, and include some proper dungeons. The Divine Beasts were cool, but I'd love to see something more in line with classic Zelda dungeons.

Also, make the Master Sword not shit....

Avatar image for salty101

Calling it now. GotY 2025