Xenoblade Chronicles X Review Roundup

Here's what the critics think of the Wii U exclusive RPG.


Wii U exclusive RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X promises to be one of the most expansive, content-rich games of the year. Monolith Soft has created an open-world so overwhelming in scale that it will require many, many hours of dedication to fully explore.

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But is it worth sinking that time in? We've collected reviews from around the Internet to give you an overview of the critical reception. Take a look below, where you'll find the scores Xenoblade Chronicles X has received from various publications, as well as a short excerpt from the reviews.

For more on Xenoblade Chronicles X's critical reception take a look at our sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • Developer: Monolith Soft
  • Platform: Wii U
  • Release Date: December 4
  • Price: $60/£49.99

GameSpot -- 8/10

"X is a grand adventure that satiates your appetite for exploration and combat in ways that few games ever do, but because getting started is half the battle, it’s an experience reserved for dedicated players who have the patience and energy to unearth its greatest treasures." -- Peter Brown [Full review]

Nintendo World Report -- 9.5/10

"The fact that I plowed that time into the game and want to go back with more information to replay it should say a lot, though; Xenoblade Chronicles X is required playing for anyone with the slightest inclination toward RPGs, and if you need to buy the system then do it. It’s an essential part of the Wii U library." -- Donald Theriault {Full review]

The Sixth Axis -- 9/10

"Xenoblade Chronicles X is a genuinely enthralling game. It doesn't take it easy on you though, and the perseverance and attention required may override the spectacle and beauty found here. Fans of the last game may also struggle with the tonal and technical shift, but if you want to experience one of the most involving, creative, and expansive open worlds ever created, Xenoblade Chronicles X is essential." -- Dominic Leighton [Full review]

Polygon -- 7/10

"Xenoblade Chronicles X finds itself in a constant struggle between scale and bloat. When I crested over the game's first mountaintop and saw a dinosaur drinking from a lake in the valley below, it was amazing--one of those rare video game moments that can be described as "epic" without hyperbole. But the UI is just one example of how X gets in its own way, hiding its beautiful world beneath overly complicated and under-explained systems that just don't add enough. Monolith Soft has once more created something special under the Xenoblade name; it just happens to have buried that something special under a mountain of annoyances." -- Phil Kollar [Full review]

Game Informer -- 7.25

"I began Xenoblade Chronicles X filled with enthusiasm for its intriguing world and gorgeous visuals. But like the hackneyed songs that play ad nauseum throughout, the gameplay doesn't have enough depth or entertainment to sustain such a prolonged experience. Players with great patience for grinding are rewarded with intriguing places to discover and creatures to fight, but for me, only a handful of the 100 hours I spent wandering Mira felt like a true adventure." -- Matt Miller [Full review]

The Jimquisition -- 9/10

"Xenoblade Chronicles X is not so much "deep" as it is complex--a rich spider’s web of interconnected activities that will take hours to fully comprehend. Work is involved in fully grasping this whole show, but once you’ve finally sorted things out and taken advantage of the game's ginormous virtual manual, there's a wonderfully absorbing adventure lying in wait." -- Jim Sterling [Full review]

GamesRadar+ -- 3.5/5

"Like Mira itself, trying to get a grasp of Xenoblade Chronicles X can be inscrutable and vexing at times. But in a way, that quest for knowledge often mimics the plight of the humans who find themselves stranded on the alien planet that becomes humanity's new home. Understanding Xenoblade's complexity isn't easy or always immediately obvious, but stick with it and you'll find a vast, untamed land where simply existing is its own reward." -- David Roberts [Full review]

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