Xenoblade Chronicles X Has No Shortage of DLC in Japan

Seven DLC packs coming for the new Wii U RPG next month.


The first downloadable content for Wii U RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X has been detailed, and there's quite a bit of it to be had.

Seven DLC packs in all have been revealed on the official website for the game, which released today in Japan (where it's already April 29). This includes four bundles that each consist of a character, three quests, two combat abilities (Arts, in the game's parlance), and either a weapon or mech blueprint. You can see photos of each of these--which will cost 500 yen (about $4 USD)--in the gallery below.

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The other three packs are referred to as "support DLC" and provide you with additional quests where you can earn more money, resources, or experience (depending on which of the three you're playing) than you otherwise would in the main game. Each of these three packs is priced at 300 yen (about $2.50).

Players interested in all of this can save 900 yen by picking up a bundle that includes all seven packs for 2,000 yen (about $17).

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This first wave of DLC will be available in Japan on May 8. There's no word yet on whether it will also be available in North America and Europe, though that's hardly a surprise considered we don't know when the game is coming outside the vague release window of "2015."

Xenoblade is being published by Nintendo, which also owns developer Monolith Soft. The company is still feeling its way out in the DLC market, which it's still fairly new to (and which some of its employees--like Masahiro Sakurai--have strong opinions about). This represents one of its first attempts at DLC alongside games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8.

Nintendo recently showcased the game during a livestream event. You can catch a replay of that here, and check out our latest preview in the video above.

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