XCOM invades PC, PS3, 360 March 6

E3 2011: 2K Games reveals that the first-person action reinvention of classic sci-fi series will arrive in early 2012; new trailer inside.


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Last June, 2K Games offered a 2011 launch window for its reboot of the XCOM series. Today, the Take-Two Interactive publishing label revised that broad release window, announcing a new release date for the sci-fi action game: March 6, 2012. Developed by 2K Marin, the title is in the works for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It has not yet been rated.

The monoliths in 2001 were a lot more friendly.
The monoliths in 2001 were a lot more friendly.

A "reimagining" of the franchise, which had previously focused on a turn-based strategy format, the new XCOM is billed as a "tactical action experience" by 2K. The game is set in a superficially idyllic 1950's America, which is beset by an insidious alien invasion. Players will assume the role of Special Agent William Carter, who is tasked with leading a team of government agents to root out and battle the extraterrestrials.

In terms of gameplay, XCOM will see players take on missions all over the US to track down and wipe out the aliens. This will be done via first-person combat; first with human firearms from the period, but later with experimental weapons based on extraterrestrial technology. As outlined in GameSpot's preview from 2010, players can also go on side missions to collect an energy-rich mineral to power the alien armaments. In addition, they can snap photos of the alien-caused carnage to further research the otherworldly foes.

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