XCOM 2's First Expansion Out Now

Anarchy's Children is out now.


XCOM 2's first paid expansion, Anarchy's Children, has arrived on PC. As announced previously, it comes with more than 100 new "exotic" soldier customization options, including more hairstyles, face paint, armor, decals, helmets, and masks, among other items. You can see some of these in the gallery below.

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Anarchy's Children included with XCOM 2's $20 Reinforcement Pack or it can be purchased by itself for $5. Two further add-ons, Alien Hunters and Shen's Last Gift, will be released this summer.

XCOM 2 arrived for PC in February. Console versions have not been ruled out, but Firaxis has yet to announce anything about bringing the game to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

In other news about XCOM 2, modders have been busy bringing Star Wars and Bob Ross to the game. Additionally, a recent patch, the game's first major one, improved the frame rate and more.

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