XCOM 2's DLC Wasn't Cut From the Main Game, Director Insists

"We don't work on DLC until we finish the core game."


While some fans have responded negatively to the plans for XCOM 2's downloadable content, director Jake Solomon insists that some assertions being made--like the DLC being cut content from the main game--are untrue.

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"I could swear on a stack of science books--which is a big deal to me--this isn't cut content," Solomon tells GameSpot. "We don't work on DLC until we finish the core game."

As is increasingly common, 2K Games announced ahead of XCOM 2's release that it will be getting three DLC packs. It also offered an overview of what each of these packs consists of and is allowing fans to pre-purchase all of it, either in the form of a $20 season pass or a $75 Digital Deluxe Edition that also includes the game.

And, as is also frequently the case, many fans responded to this negatively, levying accusations that 2K and developer Firaxis are leaving content out of the main game in order to sell it later. But Solomon insists this isn't true, though he doesn't blame anyone for worrying.

"I understand the concern, but I feel totally comfortable engaging in that conversation," he says. "We're not holding anything back. We have a lot of content to make for DLC, but we won't start on it until we make the core game."

XCOM 2 is slated for release on February 5, 2016. The first of the DLC packs is due out sometime this spring and is scheduled to be followed by two more by the end of the summer.

The last XCOM from Firaxis did receive some small DLC packs, but the majority of its post-launch content came in the form of a large paid expansion, Enemy Within.

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