XCOM 2 DLC Shen's Last Gift Hits PS4 and Xbox One, Watch the Launch Trailer

Pick up Shen's Last Gift right now for $10.


XCOM 2's Shen's Last Gift DLC is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To celebrate the release, Firaxis Games put out a launch trailer that shows off the content, which sells for $10.

Shen's Last Gift lets you create sentient robots to assist you in battle. The robots are called Sparks, and, as we reported earlier, are essentially hero units, with more health, maneuverability, and firepower than the normal human soldier. Check out the launch trailer below.

XCOM 2 launched in February for PC, coming to PS4 and Xbox One in September. Shen's Last Gift is XCOM 2's third expansion, following Anarchy's Children and Alien Hunters.

The game received a score of 9/10 in GameSpot's review. In an update, critic Mike Mahardy said, "Now that XCOM 2 has made its way to consoles, these sentiments remain the same. Some technical issues have migrated from this year’s PC release: characters sometimes freeze in place while the turn progresses; soldiers can take almost 10 seconds to execute commands; and cutscenes have a tendency to drop frame rates throughout campaigns. But the layered tactics, impactful meta-game, and deep character-building are all intact on PS4 and Xbox One. XCOM 2 remains a superb strategy title."

The PC version of XCOM 2 offers mod support, but the console versions do not.

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