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xCloud Xbox Series X Boost Is Live For Some Games

It appears that Xbox Series X boosts for Microsoft's game streaming service have started going live.


Microsoft's xCloud service has started getting Xbox Series X hardware upgrades for some games. As reported by Tom Warren from The Verge, some games on the cloud streaming service like Rainbow Six Siege and Yakuza: Like a Dragon now load faster and have options for Xbox Series X enhancements like improved graphics and frame rates.

GameSpot has confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege has an option for improved frame rates--up to 120Hz--and Yakuza Like a Dragon has an improved graphics option as well on the cloud service. Gears 5 also has improved loading times, with it taking less than 10 seconds to load into a campaign mission on the xCloud version.

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It is not immediately clear how many games are now running off Xbox Series X hardware for cloud streaming, although Microsoft said that it is planning to transition the entire service over. Microsoft said less than two weeks ago that it was in the final stages of adding Xbox Series X server racks to its data centers. Microsoft has not made any official announcements about Xbox Series X servers being live for xCloud at this time.

During that same announcement, Microsoft said it was working on getting the service built into TVs and planning to bring the service to new regions, like Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan later this year.

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