Xbox/PC Get $50 Version of Free-to-Play Game Project Spark

The creation game is getting a bunch of new content and an edition that includes all of it.


Project Spark was released last October on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC as a free-to-play creation game. It gives players a whole bunch of tools and assets to make anything from simple structures to full-fledged games. Now, Microsoft is putting out an edition of the game that includes all of its DLC.

Called the Year One Edition, it bundles together all of the assets and packs that were previously available for purchase on the Project Spark store. In addition, it gives players three months of Project Spark Premium--a subscription service that gives you more upload slots, double XP and credits, and the ability to buy DLC on its release date with in-game credits. The bundle also includes access to the next two packs coming to the game in the future. The Year One Edition is available for $50 starting today.

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Alongside the announcement of the bundle, Microsoft revealed that the game has been downloaded almost 3 million times. Players have tried out user-created content in the game more than 15 million times.

People who don't want to pay will still get some new content, as well. Microsoft is making five DLC packs free for all players, and they're available for download now. Combined, they include more than 50 props, costumes, and characters.

Finally, players who have logged 150 hours or more, had their content downloaded 10,000 or more times, or paid at least $40 in-game will also receive three months of Spark Premium for free.

Project Spark is designed as a tool to let players make functioning games, but it also has several pre-built levels in it. You can also download and check out the levels and games that other players have created. The base game is free, but there's a ton of DLC including a $5 mission featuring Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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