Xbox Teases Collaboration With Famous Basketball Shoes

Microsoft is teaming up with Nike Air Jordan again, it seems.


It appears that Microsoft is teaming up with Nike for some kind of Xbox/Air Jordan collaboration. The official Xbox Twitter account posted a cryptic teaser today that says, "Get ready to refine the game." An 8-second video shows the Xbox and Air Jordan "Jumpman" logos, along with a date, February 13, which is presumably when more details will be divulged.

The entire teaser is overlayed on a red background, which is probably connected to the announcement in some manner that is a mystery for now.

Air Jordan is the very famous basketball shoe and clothing line that Nike produces in partnership with basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Microsoft and Nike recently partnered for a special edition Xbox-branded Air Max 90 shoe featuring interchangeable laces and "snaps" that can be placed on different parts of the shoe. Before that, Microsoft created a Xbox-branded Air Jordan Xbox One console and a basketball shoe in partnership with Nike, so the companies have a long history of working together.

No matter what this reveal turns out to be, 2020 is a big year for Xbox. Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X (and potentially other next-gen consoles) this year, while Halo Infinite is also coming out this holiday, marking the first entry in the core series since 2015's Halo 5.

Microsoft recently spoke about how it plans to launch a "bold" campaign for the Xbox Series X as it competes against Sony, which is releasing the PlayStation 5 this year.

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