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Xbox Summer Game Fest Demos Returning June 21

ID@Xbox is bringing back its annual round of "show floor" style game demos next week.


Microsoft is bringing back its ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest demo event next week, June 21-27. The event will bring another 30 playable demos for unreleased Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games for a limited time.

Like last year's event, the Summer Game Fest demos will be very early builds of games, rather than the polished presentations you may be used to for most game demos. The announcement notes that these are more similar to "show floor demos" that you might find at an event like PAX or E3. That means they're subject to change, and the developers will be looking for your constructive feedback.

Also atypically, these demos will only be available for a week. Some might come back later, but if you find one that interests you, keep in mind that it may just be gone for good once the demo period is over.

Microsoft says the full lineup will be available closer to the release date, but for the time being, it teased four games that will be included. Those are the adventure game Batora: Lost Haven, the psychological thriller Broken Pieces, the stylish FPS Severed Steel, and the cute adventure-puzzler Tinykin. Last year's Summer Game Fest demos included notable names like Lake, Sable, and Tunic.

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