Xbox Series X's Call Of The Sea Is An Eerie Launch Game

Call of the Sea will support Smart Delivery--meaning you'll only have to buy the game once to play it on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


Xbox Series X is scheduled to release in Holiday 2020. Ahead of its launch, Microsoft is hosting several Inside Xbox livestreams to discuss the upcoming next-gen console and games you'll be able to play on it at launch. During the May 2020 Inside Xbox, Microsoft focused on games that are coming to Xbox (whether it's Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or both), including the otherworldly-looking Call of the Sea, coming from developer Out of the Blue.

As part of the stream, Microsoft released a trailer for Call of the Sea, which is embedded below. Playing as Norah, you'll explore a remote island in the South Pacific during the 1930s to search for her husband who was lost at sea. While exploring the island, you'll uncover the remains of a failed expedition, and ancient ruins that reveal the island's secrets. Taking cues from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Call of the Sea is an introspective story, focusing on the protagonist's time exploring the island while remembering moments from her past.

"Call of the Sea is a first-person adventure puzzle game set in the 1930s that tells the story of Norah, a woman on the trail of her missing husband's expedition," Microsoft writes in a press release. "The search takes place on a strange but beautiful island in the South Pacific, filled with secrets waiting to be unearthed. It is an otherworldly tale of mystery, adventure, and self-discovery."

Call of the Sea is confirmed to support Smart Delivery. That means that if you buy the game for Xbox One, you'll automatically own it for Xbox Series X too and vice versa.

Call of the Sea was far from the only game shown off during May 2020's Inside Xbox. The presentation included several cool-looking indie and AAA games, the most notable of which was a gameplay debut for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, along with other reveals like Scarlet Nexus and Bright Memory Infinite.

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