Xbox Series X Won't Change The Xbox User Interface At Launch

The Xbox One user interface has changed a lot since it first launched, and it's set to change further soon--but expect the Xbox Series X to copy it exactly.


The Xbox Series X is due at the end of 2020, and although Microsoft has revealed a lot about the new console, many things remain mysterious about it too. The new console is unlikely to radically reinvent the user interface offered by the Xbox One--in fact, all signs indicate that it will essentially be the same.

According to The Verge, Microsoft will make some further tweaks to the Xbox One interface soon, improving the "Guide" functionality on the dashboard and allowing you to customize the order of your navigation tabs. A new "Parties & chats" tab will correlate social features, and a few other parts have been streamlined and simplified.

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As this article point out, in preview videos for the Xbox Series X, the interface looks identical to this; it's likely that these changes will carry over exactly to the new system. On Twitter, a member of the Xbox support team circa 2013, Missy Quarry, has explained that this makes a lot of sense. "One of the biggest user problems was getting used to an entirely new UI and they begged for the 360 dash," she says.

This makes sense, as we know that Microsoft wants to have multiple Xbox consoles on the market at once, all representing the same experiences--Series X might even not be the only Xbox releasing this year. The Xbox One UI was not received well at launch, and had to be tweaked extensively. We also know that the Series X won't launch with next-gen exclusives, with games like Halo: Infinite also coming to Xbox One.

Xbox Series X is on track to release by holiday 2020. Here are the system specs that have been unveiled so far.

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