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Xbox Series X: Specs, Design, And Everything Else We Learned

Specs, load times, the console's design, the new controller and more.

Microsoft's next-gen gaming console, formerly known as Project Scarlett, has been revealed as the Xbox Series X. The official announcement came out of The Game Awards 2019, but here at GameSpot, we have the exclusive scoop on many more details about the upcoming console. We spoke with Xbox boss Phil Spencer and partner director of program management Jason Ronald to get insight on Xbox Series X specs, just how powerful it'll be, the idea behind the name and design, how it'll fit into the wider Xbox ecosystem, what's different about its new controller, and so much more.

We've compiled all our stories into this hub to summarize everything we know about the Xbox Series X. We'll have even more coverage soon, so be sure to check back for more information. You can catch even more in our exclusive interview and feature article on the Xbox Series X.

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Why The Name Xbox Series X And Vertical Design

You probably have questions about the name itself: Xbox Series X. It's not the flashiest or boldest name, but it's indicative of where Microsoft is going with its Xbox ecosystem. Phil Spencer explained the naming convention and philosophy in more detail.

You may also be wondering why the Xbox Series X deviates quite a bit from the Xbox One in terms of physical design. To be clear, it can be laid down horizontally and function properly even though it's presented as a PC tower-style design.

The Xbox Series X and the new controller.
The Xbox Series X and the new controller.

What We Know About Performance And Specs

Considering how powerful the Xbox One X was (and still is), the Series X would have to go the extra mile to truly set itself apart. And by all accounts, the new console sounds like it'll be powerful enough to do that. According to Spencer, the GPU will be eight times faster than the base Xbox One and twice as fast as the Xbox One X. The CPU is said to be about four times more capable than previous consoles; however, it's unclear which model that comparison is being made with.

We also have a few details about the cooling system that'll keep these powerful components running. The Series X will operate on a single fan with additional heatsinks, and Spencer touts that it'll be as quiet as the Xbox One X.

But What Will Games Actually Look Like?

Alongside the Series X reveal was the first look at a brand-new game from Ninja Theory. It's a sequel to Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice called Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, and it'll be the first game from the studio since the Xbox Game Studios acquisition.

Judging from the teaser we saw, we're convinced that Series X will make the generational jump quite clear from a graphical standpoint. Halo: Infinite is still set to be a launch title, though we still haven't seen the game running explicitly on the Series X.

Our first look at Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, an Xbox Series X exclusive.
Our first look at Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, an Xbox Series X exclusive.

The New Controller

The Xbox One controller is arguably one of the best gamepads available. However, the Series X controller will feature some slight changes and additions. It's a bit smaller overall and slightly reshaped (though not by much). It'll feature a share button and a modular hybrid d-pad, and will still have like rumble triggers and haptic feedback. Additionally, the Series X controller can be used on the Xbox One, and Xbox One controllers can be used on the Series X.

How Cloud Gaming Fits In

Phil Spencer has made it very clear the Project xCloud isn't here to replace local hardware and consoles. Rather, xCloud is built to be complementary to the Xbox ecosystem. The focus has been to make Xbox games accessible across different devices, and Microsoft has given its developer access to the multiple platforms to make sure all games run properly.

Pre-Orders And Release Date

Even if you're already sold on the Xbox Series X, you'll still have to wait to pre-order. Phil Spencer said that Microsoft would rather wait for folks to see all of what they'd be getting into before making a decision. Though we didn't get any new information on a specific release date, this is your reminder that the Xbox Series X will launch in Holiday 2020.

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