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Xbox Series X Showcase Event: Every Game Shown, From Halo To Fable

Microsoft featured Halo Infinite and a ton of new game premieres during its Xbox Series X event on July 23.


Microsoft held its July 23 Xbox Series X games event, and it featured a ton of game news. Unlike the May presentation that was devoted exclusively to third-party games, this event focused heavily on Xbox Series X games from Microsoft's own studios, including the reveal of gameplay for launch title Halo Infinite, plus announcements for new Forza and Fable games. Every single game shown will be available through Xbox Game Pass, although some questions have emerged about whether some--like the aforementioned Fable and Forza games--will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC. There's still a lot to learn about these games and Xbox Series X as a whole, which, as expected, did not get a release date or price, but for now you can get a full rundown on the Xbox event below.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was the first game shown during the Xbox Games Showcase. Narrated by Cortana--or possibly Dr. Halsey--as we see the Master Chief's armor constructed, the teaser led directly into a Halo Infinite gameplay demo. It featured the same pilot that we saw in the teaser at E3 2019, with the Master Chief crashing for an emergency landing. The Banished have taken over the ring world and the heroes will need a slipspace drive to leave. A new grappling hook and a few new weapons were also on display. 343 wants this game to be the platform for the next 10 years of Halo rather than stick to numbered installments. Multiplayer hasn't been shown yet, but 343 said we could expect that as we get closer to launch. We'll also likley learn how it connects to Halo 5: Guardians, though the developer says it will also be a great entry point for newcomers.

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Fable is finally back, and as rumors suggested, it's being developed by Playground Games of Forza Horizon fame. The game was premiered with a small fairy who resembled Tinkerbell as she flew into a magical world, but she was quickly eaten by an enormous toad. It looks like the series' dry humor is fully intact.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 will be set in Iceland and is built using Unreal Engine 5. Gameplay was not shown, but the development journey will be chronicled on Ninja Theory's YouTube channel.


Obsidian's next large-scale role-playing game was shown during the event. A dark game that features skeleton enemies and a first-person perspective, Avowed premiered during the event with a trailer and also makes use of magical abilities. No release date was given, but it is promised as an "expansive" RPG and is being built from the ground up to take advantage of Xbox Series X.

Forza Motorsport

Turn 10 Studios is early in development on its next Forza Motorsport title, and it was premiered with an in-engine trailer. As expected, it looks to be a near-photorealistic racing game that makes the most of Xbox Series X technology.

State of Decay 3

Undead Labs premiered State of Decay 3 during the Xbox Games Showcase. The next entry in its open-ended zombie survival series looks to be just as dark, and the teaser we saw focused on a survivor scouting through the wilderness until she comes upon an undead deer.


The CrossfireX campaign premiered during the showcase, and it was co-developed with Remedy Entertainment. It appears to contain some of the psychological and character-driven elements of the studio's previous games, but it also retains the intense first-person shooting gameplay from the free-to-play multiplayer portion. It's coming later this year.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

An Xbox console launch exclusive, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide was revealed during the presentation and looks to have extremely high production values. A recon squad has been sent into a hive in order to squash some sort of unrest, but they quickly find the situation is worse than anticipated. It's coming in 2021.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Another console launch exclusive, this time from Sega, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis includes a new world to explore and action-packed combat. The expansion is coming in 2021.


Previously revealed at an earlier event, Medium was showcased during the showcase. We got a sense of the mysterious events that seemed to take place before the game began, ending in a gunshot. The nightmare scenario can be lived by the titular Medium who seems to be looking for a way to change history.

The Gunk

Developed by the creators of SteamWorld, The Gunk was announced as an Xbox console launch exclusive. Unlike some of the developers' previous games, this one is set in a fully 3D environment and the titular Gunk appears to be a collectible resource. The landscape can grow and change in an instant, but there are dangerous enemies that don't want you there.

Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect is finally coming to Xbox as Tetris Effect: Connected, and it's bringing multiplayer to make the experience even better. What hasn't changed are the gorgeous visuals and emotional soundtrack, as well as the series' classic gameplay. With your friends' boards right by yours, however, it could get more frantic. It's out this holiday season

Stalker 2

Launching exclusively on Xbox platforms, Stalker 2 is finally real. Set in the irradiated area of Chernobyl made infamous by the nuclear disaster, the long-awaited sequel features heavy science-fiction elements. Creatures are shown growing in underground labs and one brave explorer ventures into the unknown.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 continues to get even bigger, and if you want an easier to play, you will have it soon. Xbox Game Pass will support Destiny 2 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and mobile via the cloud. The new version of the game on Xbox Series X will support 4K and 60 frames per second, and the expansions will also be included via Xbox Game Pass.

Psychonauts 2

Jack Black is featured in Psychonauts 2, and the actor will also be letting his golden pipes do some work by singing in the game. He stars as a golden Navi-like wisp but keeps his signature deep voice for his songs. This is just one of the new characters Raz will encounter in the game, which had cut content returned back to the game after Microsoft's acquisition of Double Fine Entertainment.

As Dusk Falls

Independent studio Interior/Night debuted its game As Dusk Falls during the presentation. The game spans a 30-year period in the American Southwest and focuses on family and sacrifice. It uses a watercolor-like art style, and is described as an "interactive drama.


Another Obsidian project that was previously unveiled, Grounded is like if Honey, I Shrunk the Kids were turned into a game. The simulation game will have you and your friends trying to survive in a backyard plagued by bugs that can eat you alive. You'll need to work together to survive, or you can betray them and survive on your own. Grounded is out July 28 in Xbox Game Preview.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is getting new content in the form of a DLC chapter. Peril on Gorgon adds more danger and mysterious corporate intrigue to Obsidian's role-playing game, and it will be out on September 9.

Tell Me Why

Dontnod Entertainment showed off Tell Me Why during the presentation, and the sibling story will focus on the relationship between a girl and her brother. The two are getting visions whenever they get emotional, and it appears to have thrown a wrench in their understanding of the past and their upbringing. The first chapter is out August 27.


Rare's Everwild was also shown during the presentation, and it looks to be a tranquil and unique game with a gorgeous color scheme. Enormous creatures roam the world, but they don't appear to be hostile--or at least not all of them are. Some of these creatures appear to be on the brink of death, and humans work to revive them.

Balan Wonderworld

Yuji Naka appeared during the pre-show with Square Enix to premiere his Balan Company division's new project. The action game Balan Wonderworld makes use of a single button to perform several different abilities. Your action changes depending on the costume you're wearing. It supports 24 languages and will be on Xbox One and Series X with Smart Delivery.

Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 was announced during the pre-show with a look at gameplay featuring a mysterious bird-like creature. The game expands on the systems from the first game and will feature more advanced AI and more areas to explore. You'll be able to visit the surrounding environments for even more horror potential. It's coming to Xbox and PC in 2021.

Echo Generation

A gorgeous adventure game made by a smaller studio in Ontario Canada, CocoCucumber's Echo Generation was shown during the pre-show. It uses a card system for battling and has a unique aesthetic that almost resembles voxel art.

Watch Dogs: Legion

We got a new look at Watch Dogs: Legion during the pre-show, and it focused on the permanent death mechanic. A super-spy is immediately killed and DedSec must look to other London citizens in order to replenish their ranks.


TwistedRed revealed a new first-person shooter called ExoMecha during the pre-show, and it looks to be an action-packed game that mixes vehicular combat with battles against enormous weapon-wielding mechs. There are even fire-breathing mechanical creatures and it will be free when it arrives later this year.

Dragon Quest 11 S

Dragon Quest 11 is coming to Xbox and will be available on Xbox Game Pass. This is the first time the series has even come to an Xbox platform. It appears to be mostly unchanged from previous versions, and it even includes the retro mode that turns the game into a retro-style RPG. It will launch on December 4

Streams Setting Stage For Fall Launch

Typically, Microsoft would hold an event like its first-party games showcase as part of a larger E3 press conference in June, but E3's cancellation due to COVID-19 meant it had to pivot to something else. PlayStation had already decided not to participate in E3 before its full cancellation, and it instead held a PS5 reveal event in June. Neither Sony nor Microsoft have announced an exact release date or price for the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will launch this holiday season and features Halo Infinite as a launch game. The game will also release on Xbox One and PC, with all three versions supporting cross-platform play. It will be the first time a core Halo game has ever released on more than one platform at the same time.

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