Xbox Series X Should Be Getting A Better Dashboard

While specifics are coming later, Xbox director of PM assured that a revamped dashboard is coming with Xbox Series X.


One of the consistent criticisms of the Xbox One throughout this generation has concerned the dashboard, which Microsoft has attempted to "fix" numerous times since 2013. Even with refinements through system updates and better hardware, the Xbox One dashboard still feels sluggish and cluttered to this day. It never has gotten substantially better--only different, with the PS4's dashboard requiring far fewer changes. Some of that may be because Microsoft didn't want to drastically change the layout on an individual console, but it has a fresh start to make something much better with Xbox Series X. That is exactly what it plans on doing.

Just ahead of the Inside Xbox stream, we spoke with Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald about many things next-gen, but we had to ask about what we could expect from a new dashboard. Though he could not get into nitty-gritty detail, Ronald did say, "We're really happy with the early results that we're seeing so far. And I think also one thing that we're doing is we're doing a lot of work refining the experience based on the feedback from our players."

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He further emphasized that user feedback is what's going to drive major dashboard changes, so you likely won't be caught off-guard by drastic changes that come from left-field. While the Series X will mean a revamped UI, refinements are also in line for Xbox One at the same time. "The Experiences team is working extremely hard to make sure that we have a great day one experience both on Xbox Series X as well as on previous generations," he told us.

Ronald stated that they'll have more to share about dashboard changes with further details later this summer. "It's the feedback that really drives our priorities. If you're in the Insider rings, you'll see various experiments at different times. This is really about us learning and hearing from the community that is directly influencing the final shape of the dashboard that we'll ship with Xbox Series X," he concluded.

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