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Xbox Series X/S Supply Shortages Expected To Last For Months

Microsoft says that supply and demand will be out of sync until at least April 2021.


It's no secret that people are having a hard time getting their hands on an Xbox Series S or Series X. Microsoft is not only aware of the shortage but also expects them to last a while.

During last week's Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Conference (transcribed by Seeking Alpha), company CFO Tim Stuart spoke about the supply-demand disconnect and how Microsoft plans to remedy the situation. Though he didn't give any specifics, Stuart said Xbox Series S / Series X supply shortages could continue through the "post-holiday quarter."

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"I think we'll continue to see supply shortages as we head into the post-holiday quarter, so Microsoft's Q3, calendar Q1. And then when we get to Q4, all of our supply chain continuing to go full speed heading into kind of the pre-summer months."

Microsoft adheres to the traditional quarterly breakdown most other companies follow, where the first three months of the year (January, February, and March) kick off the first quarter. So supply for Xbox Series S / Series X could be out of sync with demand until at least April 2021.

"And that's where I start to--I expect to see a little bit of the demand--the supply profile, meeting the demand profile. You'll be outside of a holiday window. We'll have supply cranking over the next, what, 4, 5, 6 months. And that's when I expect to see really that demand profile start to be met, which will be really, really great."

Many eager fans have had hopes dashed that the next-gen Xbox's would show up on their doorstep by launch day. Some retailers, including Amazon, sent a flurry of emails notifying customers that their Xbox Series S / Series X preorders would not arrive until the end of December. Xbox head Phil Spencer apologized for the shortages and CVP Liz Hamren said Microsoft is "working tirelessly with our partners around the world" to meet the demand.

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