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Xbox Series X|S Reaches 12 Million Shipped, Analyst Says

Xbox continues to grow.


The Xbox Series X|S family of consoles have combined to ship more than 12 million units, according to estimates from Daniel Ahmad, who works for the research company Niko Partners.

This would be up significantly from the 8 million Series X|S consoles that were reported to have been shipped by the end of October 2021. Ahmad said the "dual SKU strategy" for releasing multiple consoles under the same Xbox banner ended up being a smart move for the company.

The reasoning is that, the increased production of the S model relative to the X, helped keep new Xbox consoles in supply in recent months amid the ongoing supply chain issues and semiconductor shortages.

Ahmad shared the estimate in response to Phil Spencer's recent announcement that the Xbox Series X|S is the best-selling Xbox platform of all time over its first year.

Microsoft no longer announces official sales numbers for its Xbox consoles, instead opting to discuss figures related to "engagement" and other metrics. Sony, on the other hand, provides updated PlayStation 5 sales figures every three months as part of its regular earnings releases. The PS5 had shipped 13.4 million units by the end of September 2021, a figure that has no doubt grown higher since.

In other Xbox news, it was recently revealed that Forza Horizon 5 had passed 15 million players, while Halo Infinite is getting updates to improve Big Team Battle and take on cheaters.

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