Xbox Series X|S Hardware Revisions Aren't Coming Any Time Soon Says Phil Spencer

"These are the consoles that we have in markets for years," Spencer said.


The current Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S aren't going to be going anywhere for a while according to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox. Appearing on the latest episode of IGN's Podcast Unlocked, Spencer discussed the future of Xbox hardware, saying that "There's nothing that's going to come out next year that's going to make you feel like, oh, I should have waited."

"These are the consoles that we have in markets for years," Spencer continued. "And we built them with that in mind, and I love the tech that's in there and that capability, and that's where our focus is going."

While there aren't any plans yet to launch new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S models, Xbox consoles have seen multiple hardware revisions over the years. The Xbox 360 itself had multiple revisions after its original release, including the Xbox 360 Arcade, Elite, S (or Slim), and E. Similarly, the Xbox One had a few different versions during its lifespan, with the Xbox One S launching in 2016 and the Xbox One X making its way to shelves in 2017. Production of multiple models of Xbox One consoles, including the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital ended last year.

However, while the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S won't be changing over the coming years, it doesn't mean the Xbox Series line of hardware won't grow. "We want to do hardware because it actually creates new opportunities, and I've said before, it could be at the lower end that we find more immediate opportunities," Spencer said. It's also worth noting that at E3 2019 when the Xbox Series X was still referred to as "Xbox Scarlett," Spencer said that console wouldn't be Microsoft's last.

This seems to track with a statement from Microsoft's CV of Gaming Experiences and Platforms, Liz Hamren, who said in a press briefing that "We're already hard at work on new hardware and platforms," with the caveat that new Xbox hardware "won't come to light for years." Additionally, Microsoft is planning on combining Xbox and TVs, letting users play Xbox games by streaming it right to their internet-connected TV.

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