Xbox Series X|S Controllers Have A Conveniently Hidden Trick To Switch Devices

You will wonder how you lived before knowing it was this easy to switch between a Xbox console and PC.


If you've ever found it frustrating to move your Xbox controller over from your console to PC or a mobile device, this curiously hidden trick will likely save you a lot of time going forward.

The new range of Xbox Series X|S controllers all work with the new consoles, older Xbox One consoles, and Bluetooth devices such as PC and smartphones, but they also feature a new convenient way to switch between them without much fuss. Catalogued on Reddit and demonstrated by Timo Wolf on Twitter, you can quickly switch from console to PC/mobile by holding the controller's sync button, and then switch back to console with a double tap.

This only works when moving between a device using Xbox's proprietary wireless connection standard and Bluetooth, meaning you won't be able to pull it off if you use a Xbox Wireless Adapter on PC. It's likely down to the controller being able to switch between its two connection types rather than quickly re-syncing to a new device, like how Logitech LightSpeed devices can do the same with a wireless dongle and Bluetooth connections.

What's strange is that Microsoft doesn't explicitly advertise this functionality. Wolf mentions that he only came across it thanks to a Reddit thread, and that it's only briefly mentioned on the product page for the controllers. Even when it is mentioned, the page doesn't explain how to use the functionality at all, so consider this your latest second-saving lifehack.

This is only a feature on the latest range of controllers, which already come in a variety of colors. Microsoft launched three with the Xbox Series X|S, which included the traditional black and white schemes as well as a striking blue and white combination. The latest is the range is a candy red and white option which has just launched.

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