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Xbox Series X Restock At GameStop: Xbox All Access Bundles Available Now (Update: Sold Out)

You'll have another chance to buy the Xbox Series X today, but only on Microsoft's payment plan.


Update: Xbox Series X All Access bundles are now sold out at GameStop.

Though Xbox Series X restocks are happening on a semi-regular basis these days, Microsoft's flagship console continues to sell out extremely fast every time it appears online. If you're still looking to buy the Xbox Series X, though, you'll have another chance today--if you're willing to pay for it over time. GameStop announced it will restock Xbox Series X consoles through Xbox All Access today, April 21, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET--that's in just a few minutes. It doesn't sound as though standalone consoles will be sold during this particular restock.

Xbox All Access is Microsoft's monthly payment plan that lets you pay down your console over 24 months instead of shelling out the entire cost upfront. In addition to the console itself, the Xbox All Access plan gets you Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes free monthly games, access to the Game Pass library for console and PC, xCloud game streaming, and an EA Play subscription.

For the Xbox Series X, you'll pay $35 per month over that two-year period, which comes out to $840 total. However, when you add in the cost of Game Pass Ultimate, you're actually getting a slight deal. The Series X costs $499 on its own, and you'd pay $360 for Game Pass Ultimate over that period, which comes out to a $19 savings with the Xbox All Access bundle. Sure, it's not as attractive an option as paying for just the console upfront--if you can afford it--but it's also a better option than some of the pricier bundles GameStop has offered in the past or buying from a reseller.

Another potential upside is that in the past, Xbox All Access bundles haven't sold out as quickly as standalone consoles. For one, you actually have to qualify for the offer, and they're way less likely to get snapped up by resellers as well. According to GameStop, it'll be a "sizable drop," whatever that means, so if you're truly desperate to get your hands on an Xbox Series X, you'll want to be ready at 10 AM ET to see if you can snag a bundle.

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