Xbox Series X Has (Probably Fake) Next-Gen Ping Pong Ball Floating Features

Sony's PlayStation 5 just got served.


With the launch of the Xbox Series X and PS5 this week, comparisons between the two consoles and what they're capable of are inevitable.

Discussions between graphical power and loading times are to be expected, but if there's one area where the Xbox Series X has a definitive edge over the PS5 it's in the levitation department--specifically its ability to suspend a ping pong ball in the air and thus end the next-gen console wars before they can even begin. Maybe. It's unclear if we have all been bamboozled or not. In all likelihood, we have.

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SnowFlakesMilkHoney on Reddit showed off the Xbox Series X's ability to not only suspend multiple games in a fixed state but also a ping pong ball, using the console's vertical orientation and large heatsink to levitate a hefty .095 oz sphere in defiance of Sir Isaac Newton's various laws of gravity.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light's marketing isn't exactly subtle
Destiny 2: Beyond Light's marketing isn't exactly subtle

While we haven't yet been able to test the Xbox Series X's ability to use next-gen high-pressure waves of air to keep a ping pong ball off the ground, our review has covered all the other essential facts about the console. You can check out our Xbox Series X review, and keep up to date on where you can find stock of Microsoft's newest console.

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