Xbox Series X Fridge Is A Real Thing Now, And One Is Up For Grabs

Microsoft is "powering your memes."


Microsoft is giving away a free Xbox Series X fridge on Twitter. It's clear the company is leaning into the flurry of fridge comparisons made during Series X's initial reveal. This is an invaluable chance to join Snoop Dog in owning a Series X fridge and to get your hands on a living, breathing meme that apparently costs just as much as the actual Series X. According to Microsoft, if the fridge were available for sale, it would approximately retail for $499.

The sweepstakes are now live and run until November 4. You must have a Twitter account, be a follower of Xbox's twitter account, and retweet the fridge's promotional post using the hashtag, #XSXFridgeSweeps. Each retweet is one entry, and each user is limited to one chance.

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Your Twitter account also can't be private, so set it to public if you want to participate. Your DMs must also be open since Microsoft will notify the winner through a DM. Microsoft will choose a winner within seven days after the sweepstakes close.

Xbox Series X and Series S release on November 10. If you want to see what Microsoft's next generation console looks like, take a look at GameSpot's Xbox Series X unboxing and see just how it compares to the PlayStation 5.

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