Xbox Series X And S Boxes Are Showing Up In The Wild

With just a few weeks to go before they are officially released, images of the retail boxes have emerged.


With the launch of the Xbox Series X and S consoles now just a few weeks away, units are apparently getting prepared to ship globally, and as such, images of them in the wild have begun to appear.

Here is a photo of the Xbox Series X and S retail boxes in the wild. The full context of the pictures is unclear, but the photos appear to be taken from inside a warehouse of some kind.

Given the logistics required to get potentially millions of consoles to retailers around the world for launch, it makes sense that these photos have emerged. We would expect more to come soon.

As you can see, the Xbox Series X box is a bit flashier than the Series S box. It's also quite a bit flashier than the PS5's box, which we have seen up close.

Both consoles are due to launch globally on November 10, and that's a big deal because with the Xbox One, Microsoft rolled it out in waves across different regions. With the Series X/S, Microsoft is releasing the systems in all major global markets simultaneously. It won't be launching with Halo Infinite, as the game was delayed to an unspecified point in 2021. However, dozens of games are optimized for the system at launch, including Gears Tactics.

This is a different strategy to Sony, which is releasing the PS5 beginning on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, with the global rollout continuing on November 19 in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia, and South America. Yes, you'll have to wait a full week before you can play Demon's Souls if you live in those regions. At least Xbox Series X will be there to keep you busy!

For more on the Series X, check out GameSpot's latest preview of the next-gen console.

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