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Xbox Series S Review: Where Is It?

GameSpot's Xbox Series X review is live now, and we'll have a Series S review for you very soon too.


As you will no doubt be aware of, having seen and (hopefully) read the article prominently displayed on the front page of GameSpot, the review embargo for Microsoft's latest console has lifted. That means those that have had access to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S ahead of its launch can now provide their complete assessment of the consoles.

As previously mentioned, GameSpot's review of the Xbox Series X is now available to read. In it, Michael Higham, who spent time with a preview version of the hardware and then transitioned to the final retail unit, offers his analysis of key features such as backwards compatibility, how games with Series X optimizations perform, the impressive Quick Resume feature, and more. It's a comprehensive review that goes in-depth with the hardware, and well worth reading or watching.

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But, as you probably know, the Xbox Series X is launching alongside the Xbox Series S, a much smaller but still powerful new console from Microsoft. GameSpot is actively working on delivering a review of this console too but, in order to ensure that both the Series X and Series S reviews are thorough, we're staggering the publication of them.

The Series S has been tested and our reviewer is currently putting the finishing touches on the written and video reviews. For those looking for a Series S review, check back here and we'll have it available for you later today. In the meantime, make sure to check out the numerous written and video features for the Xbox Series X.

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