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Xbox Series S Holiday Edition Still Available For $240 Ahead Of Christmas

This seasonal edition comes with the Xbox Series S console, controller, and everything else you need to play in a holiday-themed package.


If you're still looking to pick up an Xbox for someone on your shopping list this holiday, the Xbox Series S Holiday console is still available for only $240 at Amazon and Walmart. This deal was one of Amazon's best gaming deals during Black Friday, and on Cyber Monday the retailer threw in a $40 digital credit to use on future Amazon purchases. Though that particular promotion is gone, snagging the Series S for only $240 is still a tremendous deal. Both retailers are offering fast and free shipping. Keep in mind that as we get closer to Christmas, delivery windows start to lengthen due to the influx of last-minute orders and stock shortages. So, we'd recommend ordering the Xbox Series S soon, if interested.

The only difference between this holiday-themed Xbox Series S and the one that's available all the time is the packaging. You're still getting the console, a wireless controller, two AA batteries for said controller, plus an HDMI cable and the standard power cord--everything you need to set up and play.

There are no pack-in games or promotional Game Pass or Xbox Live subscriptions included, so you either need to pay for those separately or link your existing Xbox account to access your digital game library and online services.

The main differences are that the Xbox Series S doesn’t have a disc drive and can only play digital copies of games downloaded from the Microsoft Store app, and it only plays games in 1440p QHD rather than native 4K--though the device can upscale to 4K if you play and a UHD TV. The Series S also has a smaller 512GB internal SSD for storage compared to the Series X’s 1TB SSD, but you can purchase expandable storage. Check out GameSpot’s full Xbox Series S review and Xbox Series S versus Xbox Series X breakdown for more information.

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