Xbox Series S: Here's Where The "Lockhart" Codename Came From

Microsoft reveals the inspiration behind the Series S's codename.


Here's a piece of gaming trivia to impress (or annoy) your friends--Microsoft has revealed where the codename "Lockhart" came from for the newly announced Xbox Series S.

Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg said on Twitter that it came from Microsoft's longstanding tradition to use a city as a codename. For Lockhart, it's named after Lockhart, Texas, a city famous for smoked meats and also for being "the little city with the big heart."

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"We often use cities as codenames, in this case it comes from Lockhart, Texas. They are known as 'The Little City with the big heart,'" Greenberg said.

In addition to that, some scenes from the 1993 Johnny Depp/Leonardo DiCaprio drama What's Eating Gilbert Grape were filmed in Lockhart, Texas.

The codename for the Xbox One was Durango, which is a state in Brazil and a city in Colorado.

The $299 Xbox Series S is slated for release on November 20 alongside the more powerful $500 Xbox Series X. Preorders for both systems begin on September 22.

While Microsoft has begun to confirm the launch details for its next-gen consoles, Sony still has not announced the price or release dates for the PS5 and the digital PS5.

We've gotten our hands on mock-ups for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles, and you can see how the consoles look in a home entertainment setup here.

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